Robots Guard the Cloud

“The cloud” calls up images of ethereal, nebulous data that is just out there, somewhere; but every byte in the cloud exists on a hard drive, in a data center, and physical objects require physical security, twenty-first century security.

Inside a data center

Up to 28% of data center breaches involve physical access. Does this person belong here?

You can drive past a data center and not even know it is there. It might be a warehouse-looking building set back from a two lane highway, or an old factory in an industrial part of town still showing a faded sign for “hand crafted furniture”. But inside that building is a part of the cloud. Gigabytes of data flowing in and out every second, petabytes of data on servers in secured computer rooms behind layers of access controlled doors. And part of that layered defense system inside that building may be security robots.

By some estimates there are upwards of 45,000 large to medium size data centers scattered around the US, providing the core of the cloud. And every week we hear about another compromised data system. In the last month, the State of South Carolina, Twitter, and Facebook have been breached. While these attacks involved electronic access, it is reported that 14% to 28% of the data breaches result from physical access to the data center. That is why the cloud needs twenty-first century robotic security.

A robot on patrol

Security robots cannot be ‘socially engineered’

The security job is often a  lonely job, with boring “make work” tasks included to fill the time. People are not at their best doing lonely, deadly dull tasks. We get bored, we get inattentive, and we can be exploited. Of the physical access breaches, about 25% involve some form of social engineering attack, preying on that very human boredom. That is why your cloud data, your critical business information, your modern life needs to be protected by security robots. Security robots never get bored. Security robots cannot be blackmailed, extorted, or tricked into giving unauthorized people access to the computer room. The robots will check every location, every time, time after time – no matter how dull the task is. They also patrol the space and check for over-heating equipment, excess humidity, and other environmental problems – and report these to the humans on duty accurately and consistently.

The cloud operates 24/7 with high reliability and must meet the highest standards of access control and security. It must handle routine transactions as diligently as the life critical transactions. It needs physical security that meets those same high standards. The cloud needs security that is always focused, always alert, always vigilant.

Where is your robot? Ours are being manufactured in Colorado, and sold by Vigilant Robots


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