Security Robots as Force Multipliers

For a security team the critical question is how to provide high quality security without breaking the bank.  With an unlimited budget,  the security manager would still face challenges, but the job of meeting the client’s needs would be easier. Unfortunately, an unlimited budget is not in the picture, and many clients see security as an expense that needs to be reduced.  That means the security manager needs to provide high levels of protection on a diminishing budget. In short, do more with less.

How can a security robot help? The key is the nature of an autonomous security robot. It is capable of acting as a force multiplier. Unlike a robot that must be driven by a highly trained (and expensive) technician, an autonomous security robot can operate on its own. It can take care of routine security tasks, such as midnight shift patrols, freeing up the security officers to focus on the tasks for which human intelligence and judgement are needed.

At Vigilant Robots, we envision security robots as teammates, extending the capabilities of the existing security team. We see three major contributions:

  1. extending the range of the security team,
  2. extending the capabilities of the team, and
  3. extending the density of the security coverage.

Extending the range of the security team

Providing around the clock security is an expensive proposition. It can be challenging to hire, train, and retain qualified security officers. This is especially true when covering the midnight shift is concerned. While many clients would like to have constant patrols in their facility at night, they may not have the budget. Adding security robots to this shift is a powerful tool. The robots do not care if it is 3am or 3pm, they will do the same work. They do not get bored, nor are the reluctant to do the same patrol over and over.  They are ideal for the “dead of night” tasks that must be done. This has the added benefit of freeing up trained security officers to be assigned to other shifts, where their skills and capabilities are more valuable.

Extending the capabilities of the security team

Since a security robot is an intelligent electromechanical system, adding additional sensors can extend the capabilities of the security team.  A robot thinks nothing of being asked to take constant readings on its rounds. Where a human officer would have to be loaded down with devices to measure temperature, humidity, carbon-monoxide, explosive gas, etc., these options can easily be added to the security robot, and it will take and log these detailed measurements every few inches, if that is what the client needs. It will also generate immediate alarms if any readings indicate a problem.

Extending the density of the security coverage

What do you do when a security officer needs to be  in two places at once? When she needs to be covering the lobby at the same time that there is a door alarm by the loading dock?  Send the robot, of course!  Since an autonomous security robot does not need to be driven around, it can be as easy as “Robot, go to the loading dock, notify me when you get there, and scan the east door.”  That will cause the robot to put its current task on hold, figure out the best way to get to the loading dock, get itself there, and start relaying high definition video of the situation. Your security officer is virtually in two places at once. Or the robot could be told to cover the lobby and alert on any motion, while the security officer heads down to the loading dock to deal with the incident. Either way the effective security coverage is doubled.

Security Force Multipliers

We see a valuable role in the security industry for autonomous security robots. The technology is available, and the need is significant. Putting these robots to work can have multiple benefits including

  • increased quality and coverage provided by the security team,
  • increased responsiveness of the team, and
  • more effective use of the available assets

And this can be accomplished in a cost effective, reliable way.  We have a short white paper discussing this in more detail, for a free copy submit the form below.

Where is your robot?  Ours are manufactured by Vigilant Robots, here in Colorado.


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