Will robots really change everything?

A recent article on the new EU funded “Human Brain Project”

Of course the US recently completed the “Decade of the Brain” with limited results,


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  1. #1 by Michael on February 25, 2013 - 8:10 pm

    Today science did not have the approach, built on the factual basis, for solving the task of designing of an artificial system capable to be self-guided, nor the conceptual understanding what a brain does. Therefore, all attempts to simulate the functionality of a brain in an artificial system, on the basis of studying the structure of a brain, are doomed to fail.
    To be successful in the attempts to develop of an artificial system capable to behave in a reasonable manner the developers should have the concise answers to the following questions:
    • How can a control unit (brain), isolated from direct access to an environment, manage the behavior of a system (body) in the relation to that environment?
    • Why live beings do not require programming for surviving while have to interact with constantly changing environment?
    • What content a subjective experience consist?
    • Why live beings did not facing the “combinatorial explosion” problem?
    These questions are not isolated from each other. The answer to one should not contradict with an answer to the rest.

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