Security robots earn their ‘pay’

Robert looked at the client presentation deck, and thought: “This is good!”  Then he looked at the time and thought: “11pm, this is not good.” He saved the files, shut down the computer, and carried his coffee cup into the small kitchen, and prepared to go home. He shut off the lights, turned on the security system, and locked up the building.

As he walked through the light snow towards his car, his phone buzzed with a text message.  The security robot was reporting a high temperature in the kitchen area. The attached image showed the source: Robert had forgotten to turn off the coffee maker, and it was overheating.  As he turned to go back to the office, he thought to himself how badly the client meeting would have gone, if there had been a fire over night.

Mobile robot patrolling garage

The Vigilus Mobile Camera Platform Robot on patrol in a warehouse in Denver, CO. The security robot is manufactured by Vigilant Robots.

Across town, in an older industrial area, a Vigilus(tm)-MCP robot is patrolling a vacant warehouse. It is one of two security robots that alternate twelve hour shifts in the building. The other robot had ended its shift 4 hours ago, and was docked in the recharge station(1)

The robots are tied into a wireless network that connects them to the Security Command Center 5 miles away. Scanning the door by the south loading dock with its sonars, the robot detects that the door is partially open, and sends an alarm to the SCC.  The officer on duty looks at the video feed, and realizes that someone has pried the door open, probably to get in out of the cold.  The officer instructs the robot to execute a ‘heat and motion’ patrol, and turns on the robot’s LED headlights to improve the video quality.

A few minutes later, the robot comes across a transient, apparently asleep in a corner.  The security officer activates the flashers and pulses the siren to wake the intruder up.  He uses the camera’s 2-way audio to tell the intruder to leave the building immediately, or the police will be called.  In the meantime, the officer ‘wakes up’ the second robot, and dispatches it to the compromised door – the second robot will wait there scanning the door for any motion, until it is told to go off duty. It doesn’t matter that the company called to re-secure the door won’t get there until morning, the door is now protected. The other robot continues its regular patrols looking for problems.

Are these stories science fiction?  No – they are stories illustrating how security robots earn their pay. even when that pay is little more than the electrical energy needed to power them. To stay up to date with the progress at Vigilant Robots, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

To learn more about other ways security robots earn their ‘pay’ check out our applications page.

Where’s your robot?  Ours are made in the USA by Vigilant Robots

(1) The auto-dock station will be available in July of 2014


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