The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Security Robots

I know what you are thinking: “How can these possibly relate?”

Sign for entrance to emergency room

Are hospitals facing a security emergency?

In a recent article I saw “”[E]xperts say that Obamacare could also have a substantial impact on physical security at hospitals and other healthcare facilities when the law goes into full effect beginning next year.” “[H]ospitals are being forced to make tough spending decisions regarding support services which include security.” the article by JOEL GRIFFIN  in Security Info Watch, goes on to quote.

As many of us know, Physical Security is often seen as a cost of doing business – a cost that is ripe for being trimmed to meet other budgetary needs. After all, they think, “We haven’t had an incident in years, so we can surely get by with fewer officers on the night shift, or less frequent patrols.”  Hospitals around the country are cutting staffing and out-sourcing security.  At the same time, the growth in the numbers of patients and visits expected from the implementation of the ACA, will also increase the need for physical security.

So, what does this have to do with security robots, you ask? One way to stretch security dollars is to leverage the capabilities of autonomous mobile security robots. These robots can be used on the night shift, acting as force multipliers to increase the physical security while reducing operating costs.

Vigilus MCP security robot on Duty in Lobby

Vigilus MCP security robot on night patrol duty in Lobby

Typically, a Vigilus®-MCP security robot operates for about $4.00 per hour. Contrast that with the fully loaded $14.00 to $20.00 a hour to cover an eight hour shift, 365 days a year. Over a three year operating life, the robot can save over $100,000 in operating costs.

This can be a very powerful tool for a security manager, especially one confronted with shrinking budgets and increasing demands. Integrating a security robot into your security team is straight forward, it is much like adding a new officer onto the team (see On-Boarding your Security Robot) . But this is an ‘officer’ that is perfectly suited for the dull, dirty, and potentially dangerous duties of the night-shift.  Each can be configured to generate alarms on unexpected motion, high temperatures, or smoke and gas.  In addition, since each robot is equipped with its own HD camera, it provides an up close and personal view of any incidents. To learn more about solutions offered by security robots,  and to stay on top of developments in security robots, subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter or give us a call.

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