The robotics revolution is already started

WLMA robot in a home setting

WLMA robot in a home setting serving tea

Check out this great article from Bax & Williams:

It reads, in part, “we argued that whilst Bill Gates’ famous prediction hadn’t quite been realized thus far, we were fast approaching a tipping point for an age of robotics.”

One critical aspect of the Robotics Revolution is making sure that robots can work alongside people.  Industrial robots completely changed manufacturing, lowering Cost of goods Sold (COGS) and increasing quality.  But these robots are not safe around people; hundreds of workers are injured every year in industrial robot accidents.  Our security robots are designed ‘from the ground up’ to be safe around people – we even use them to serve food at parties!

Just this week, Dyson added itself to the list of global companies investing in robotics!  Check this article.

We are currently doing additional tests in a office building in Denver, CO. With robots running up and down the hallways along side the people working in the offices. To find out more about our testing give us a call +1 303-778-7400, or check out our website.

More to follow,

Where is your robot? Find out more info at Gamma 2 Robotics


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