Security Robots and the Stock Market

It’s early in the morning, and the news is disturbing.  The stock markets are nervous following yesterday’s drop, and the futures are not encouraging.  What does this have to do with security robots you ask?  Great question!

Security managers have a tough job – the need to keep their business, their employees, and their facilities safe and secure. And they need to do it in a cost effective manner. Sometimes this can be at odds with other goals of the business, a competition for resources. And the economy impacts those resources.

When the economy looks shaky, when the stock markets look weak, businesses react, just as investors react. With the perceived increase in risk (whether the risk is real or not) businesses get conservative – they have to. And that usually means cutting costs – and security is perceived as a cost.  So, a security manager may be looking at reduced operational budgets, and longer term capital expenses may be put on hold.  In spite of this the security manager has to provide that safety and security with reduced resources.

Shelley, the client does not look happy about having to tell Bob that the costs must be cut.

A painful discussion with a client – until the topic of security robots are brought up

This is the same for all the departments in the business, but security faces an additional challenge. Unlike many departments, as the economy gets weaker, the security threat increases. If unemployment rises the incidence of theft, break-ins, and damage increases. So the security manager has a growing problem to defend against at the same time that the resources are shrinking.  It is not just a case of trying to do the same job on less money – the security manager needs to do a better, bigger job on a smaller budget.

This is where security robots enter the picture. The robotics industry thrives in tougher economic times. As budgets get cut, businesses have to look for innovative solutions that provide more bang for the buck. That is exactly what the robotics industry brings to its customers. We have seen this over and over as automation and robotics industries grow during recessions.

Imagine our security manager being told “You need to cut your budget for overnight patrols by 50%.” That means laying off people, there is no way around it. But the needs of the security function remain the same or increase. A security robot can work for less than 1/4 of the cost of the security officer who was laid off. That means putting two security robots to work and still meeting the 50% budget cut. Think about that – twice as many patrols for half the budget.

Robot patrolling a receiving dock, looking for intruders and monitoring changing temperatures.

Robot patrolling a receiving dock, looking for intruders and monitoring changing temperatures.

Now, these are robots – not people, they do not have the same judgment, the same intelligence, the same instincts. But for many overnight patrols what is needed are the sensors, the mobility, the ability to call in an alarm about an unusual condition. That is a job the robots can do hour after hour, night after night. They patrol, observe, and report to the human security officers – extending an officer’s reach, giving her the ability to be in two, or three, or four places at once.

So while we watch the fluctuations of the markets, you know that there have to be a lot of worried Security Managers, but some of them are asking the right question – “Where is my robot?”

For more information about the Gamma 2 Robotics and the Vigilant Security robots check out our website


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