Jim Gunderson is the Chief Technology Officer for Vigilant Robots (a division of Gamma Two, Inc.), In Denver CO, USA. Vigilant Robots produces autonomous security robots.

Dr. Jim Gunderson, Vigilant Robots

Jim has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Virginia, as well as a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver. He has been actively involved in researching machine based cognition for 20 years, and has focused on embedded intelligence. His areas of expertise include intelligent systems, robotics, and planning in uncertain domains. He has been awarded numerous patents for robotic systems, and is the author of many technical publications. Jim is the co-author (along with Louise Gunderson) of the 2009 technical book “Robots, Reasoning, and Reification.”

While completing his doctorate, Jim had the opportunity to be part of the management team for a high tech start-up from 1999 to 2003. As a grad student he was part of the team that developed an ultra-cold robotic storage system for medical samples.

Jim also contributes to scientific literature. Visit our Publications page for a complete list.

Jim is also  the Cognitive Systems Architect at Gamma Two, Inc. Complete Vita

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