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Is Integrated Guarding the Future?

“Integrated guarding” or “Integrated Guard Services” seems to be the hot new concept in the physical security industry. The marriage of traditional Patrol, Observe, Report with technology to Monitor and Alarm.

Here is a great look at the potential impact of increasing use of technology on the future of the job market for security officers: Will Technology Eliminate Human Security Guards? by Courtney Sparkman

More about this topic to follow on Monday!


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Fox News covers Gamma Two Robots!

check out: Gamma Two robots covered by Fox News! 7 robots hidden in Plain Sight!

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Hello world!

Where is your robot?  I know where mine are. Actually, one of them is down on the assembly floor at Gamma Two Robotics, getting a firmware upgrade.  This blog will focus on developments in robotics – not the industrial robots but personal service robots. The kind they promised us in the movies.

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